Aspera AD-M810

  • Dual mode (Analog & Digital)
    With analog and digital capability, you can have a smooth transition from analog to digital.

    Versatile Voice Calls
    Enhanced communication options such as Individual call, group call and all call, Emergency Call

    You can track vehicles and assets without additional equipment to purchase, install or maintain. It can send location information to dispatcher systems and you can view GPS positioning information

    You can receive a weak signal when you monitor function activated

    Channel scan
    Channel scan helps you listen to communication activities on other channels it continually monitors channels for activity. Achievable functions include add/delete scan channel

    You can double your radio channel capacity and voice capacity with TDMA 2-slot—didn’t need for a repeater.

    Efficiently sent message with up to 64 characters when discreet communication needed

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License free walkie talkie under govt. notification 1047(E) Dt 18 Oct 2018. Ergonomically designed case shape suits user’s palm size, user can handle without any difficulties over hours. Suitable for caterers, cinemas, hotels, stadium etc.


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