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Selected materials and fine workmanship for quality telecom products

We believe that quality is the lifeline of the enterprise, Aspera India Services has been upholding the corporate tenet of “quality first, service foremost, innovative technology, common growth” since its establishment, insisting on the quality inspection idea of “from industry, above industry” to implement rigorous inspection process for products and accessories, and the quality inspection management model of “standard, tests and trainings”, so as to realize overall monitoring from material procurement to product delivery to ensure top product quality.


Product is delivered to customer only after it satisfies the standards of the company. Our standards consists of compliance with ISO9001 Quality Management System and GB/T2828(AQL) sampling inspection. Inspection standard composed of scientific IQC, IPQC and OQC from material procurement to product delivery. For IQC, the Company has made sufficient arrangements wherein approved suppliers and fine product accessories are selected. In addition to continuously raising indexes in raw materials, process and performance, such arrangements include a long-term stable partnership with such world-class suppliers as Philips, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Sony and Samsung to ensure the first pass yield and use stability of the products. For IPQC, the Company made arrangements to carries out every standard, scientific process to the letter, tries to identify all problems of rejected products in production and handle the problems probably, and resolutely eliminates rejected products. For OQC implementation of lot, time and section cross sampling inspection to ensure scientific, reasonable and comprehensive inspection, root out defective products and guarantee stable and consistent products in use arrangements are made.


Accessory test and comprehensive test. The Company has made arrangement for such high-end precision quality inspection devices as battery tester, abrasion tester, rotary encoder and potentiometer life tester, vibration tester, microphone/speaker tester, high-low temperature chamber, PTT button/touch switch tester, Rockwell hardness tester, tension meter, salt spray tester and SMT AOI for rigorous quality tests on any part of PCB welding, battery, keyboard, vibration, encoder and potentiometer affecting the product quality to ensure the excellent performance of every product part. Meanwhile, a rigorous comprehensive test for every finished product is conducted in accordance with the industrial standard of international professional telecom devices. Including such test items as abrasion and aging test, high-low temperature test, salt spray test, rainfall test, solar radiation test, and vibration and drop test, it is to ensure the overall performance of the products in different working environments and meet the trunked telecom demands of different sectors.


The technically strong quality inspection team in combination with high-end talent introduction and technical training has enabled the Company to implement the training mechanism. Pre-job training for basic skills, on-the-job training for special skills and post-job training advanced skills have enabled every employee to master the skills of quality inspection and testing and ensure smooth execution of every quality inspection and test.