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The World has not become a safer place and need for providing security is increasing day by day. Whether it is for individuals or for critical installations, the need for providing security would remain prime concern. Two way radios provide the easiest way to keep everyone connected with minimum of delay. The always-on nature of the radios means the time to dial a number and for network to be available and free is eliminated. A message can be conveyed to an individual or a team without delay and that can be critical in saving lives. The network can be made available in the required establishment through base radios and repeaters and it can be ensured that everyone is withing the reach and network is available round the clock.

Two way radios are being used by military and paramilitary services as well as by individual security agencies. Radios in industry specific bands (for military and para-military purpose) are also available.

We are currently providing radios to CRPF, BSF among others. Private security agencies are also using our radios in large numbers.